Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Stepp's Pikeville Speech Lays out Platform

STEPP'S PIKEVILLE SPEECH LAYS OUT PLATFORM. On Saturday, April 22, 2006, Democratic candidate for U.S. House of Representatives for the Fifth Kentucky District, Kenneth Stepp gave a speech to the people attending the annual Hillbilly Day at the Pike County Courthouse in Pikeville, Kentucky. Stepp said that as a Democratic Congressman, he would vote for expanding programs such as SSI and Medicaid which benefit poor people. He added, we should use the American tax dollars for rebuilding the American economic infrastructure, and not in military adventures abroad. He stated, we need to spend a higher portion of our federal budget on education and roads, and revenue sharing grants to the State governments. He explained that he would like to see improved education qualify the people of the Fifth District and Kentucky for the high-paying jobs of the future. The Democrat added, the Federal government can help with edcational revenue sharing grants and Pell grants to upgrade the educational systems in Kentucky and the Fifth District so that people here can get a good education here, and remain in their home towns with high-paying, healthy jobs.
Concerning education, candidate Stepp explained that the key to prosperity, individual or national, is through education. Education improves the national defense, and as such is a proper area for federal funding through increased Pell grants, and revenue sharing. The Federal government should give special tax credits to classroom teachers, and help Americans get better educations.
Concerning health care, the Democrat said he favors more generosity in the Federal health care programs for children, veterans, Medicaid beneficiaries, and senior citizens, but that he does not favor increasing governmental mandatory spending requirements on independent businessmen.
On the War on Terror, Stepp said that he would like to see Osama bin Laden captured, and brought to the crime scene at New York City for a jury trial. He added that he is sure a New York City jury would see that that terrorist gets what he deserves. He added that the effort to bring democracy to Iraq seems doomed. Stepp concluded, "We have shown the people of the Middle East that they should not mess with the United States and we should withdraw our troops from that area, now that our point has been made."

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