Tuesday, September 11, 2007

1,825 violent deaths a month in Iraq in 2007.

So you agree with the Republicans and want the U.S. to "stay the course" in keeping U.S. troops in combat in Iraq? Consider this observation from Daily Kos:
"No matter how often Petraeus and other administration apolgists claim that violence is down, the fact remains that in 2006, an average of 1,380 Iraqis a month were killed, while in the first 8 months of 2007, that number has risen to 1,825 violent deaths a month."
You can count the bodies in the morgues in Iraq and conclude that violent deaths are up sharply over last year. It is a civil war between Muslim religious factions. The U.S. has no business having troops in Iraq. The sooner we bring the boys (and girls) home from Iraq, the better. A vote for the Republicans is a vote for continued mayhem and violence. Vote for the Democrats and let's Ditch Mitch and bring the troops home.

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