Friday, August 22, 2008

Hillside Gardening

Hillside gardening is a nice hobby if you live in a place like Eastern Kentucky, Japan, or Bavaria where the land is not flat. It's been dry this year, also. What my son Conrad and I have done is dig a trench about two feet up the hill, on a hillside beside our house, and filled it in with 160 pounds of topsoil from WalMart (at $1.50 per 40 pound bag). That's as cheap as dirt--WalMart style. Next, we got our turnips, collards, and mustard green seedlings from our seed planter box, and put them in the muddy topsoil. It's on the south side of the hill, so it should get plenty of sunlight during the next three months. I was out watering it today. My hillside gardening has been off to a slow start, because my hillside was gouged out of a mountainside to make room for a house, leaving poor quality subsoil as the hillside--with no plant nutrition in it. After having some plants stay the same size for several months, I have been applying mulch and topsoil generously. I tried fertilizer, but it killed a lot of my plants. Don't get fertilizer that is too strong. Anyway, I've had a smattering of flowers on some of the hillsides surrounding our house, but I'm trying to have a fall vegetable garden.
I have had good gardening results in other places I've lived. Hillside gardening in Kentucky is a new challenge, but many people have very good gardens in Kentucky. Kenneth Stepp.

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