Friday, July 23, 2010

Holbrook in the Fifth!

What if Abraham Lincoln's Republican Party had followed the present strategy of today's national Democratic Party?
The Daily Kos reports:
"RACE FOR THE HOUSE: DCCC lays out the cash, targets seventeen seats
"Anyone interested about the districts the DCCC are most interested in defending might have gotten a clue from where the campaign wing of House Democrats plunked down the cash for advance media buys. In total, the DCCC has bought nearly eight million dollars of air time in markets reaching seventeen vulnerable districts. Here is the complete list of districts: CO-04 (Markey), FL-02 (Boyd), ID-01 (Minnick), IN-02 (Donnelly), IA-03 (Boswell), NM-01 (Heinrich), NM-02 (Teague), NY-23 (Owens), NY-24 (Arcuri), NC-08 (Kissell), PA-03 (Dahlkemper), PA-12 (Critz), SC-05 (Spratt), SD-AL (Herseth-Sandlin), TX-23 (Rodriguez), VA-02 (Nye), VA-05 (Perriello)."
That's $500,000 per district for the seventeen favored districts. What if, in 1860, the Abraham Lincoln Republican Party had put all their money in winning seventeen disricts? Why, they probably would not have had a majority in a house of Congress until 1906, and slavery probably wouldn't have been abolished until 1908. I ran for Congress. I saw how the DCCC operates. It's a wonder we Democrats do as well as we do, when you look at the strategies we follow. It seems the DCCC is up to their disastrous strategies in the Rogers v. Holbrook Congressional race here in the Fifth Congressional District. I'll vote for Holbrook, but it's too bad the Party does not seem to want to win in the Fifth. Kenneth Stepp.

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