Friday, July 30, 2010

I saw LBJ one time.

I was a kid in Clemson S.C. and LBJ came to town. He was on a whistle stop tour. There must have been several hundred people crowded around the railroad station that day in 1960 during the campaign--JFK vs RMN, and LBJ and Henry Cabot Lodge were running for Vice President. It was thought that it would be a close election, and the vote of South Carolina might elect a President. S.C. Governor Fritz Hollings was supporting the JFK/LBJ ticket and LBJ came through Clemson S.C. on a whistle stop tour. You don't see much campaigning like that any more, but it was popular for the first half of the last century. LBJ came out on the back balcony of the caboose (I believe it was) and made a rip-roaring speech. Then, when it was over, the train left, for his next stop in Seneca SC, and then Westminster SC, then on into Georgia. I enjoyed seeing LBJ that day. Kenneth Stepp.

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