Thursday, July 29, 2010

Public shifts in favor of Health Care Reform Act!

"From the non-profit part of Kaiser, which runs a well-respected health poll, via the Hill:
Americans view Democrats’ signature health reform bill more positively now than at any point since it was signed into law, a new poll found Thursday.
50 percent of the public say they view the new healthcare law favorably, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll that has been tracking public opinion about the legislation since it became law.
35 percent of adults said they view the law unfavorably, while 14 percent had no opinion.
The July numbers mark the strongest support for reform since it reached a low in May, when the Kaiser poll found the public opposed the law 44-41 percent."
Hal Rogers and all the Republicans voted against the Health Care Reform Act. They intend to abolish it if they have the votes in Congress to do it. Protect the Health Care Reform Act. Elect More Democrats. Elect Jim Holbert to the U.S. House KY-05-D. Out with Rogers!

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